SolidWorks System Requirements
Want to check the system requirements - click here

SolidWorks Support Services
Clients with SolidWorks, Solidworks Simulation, SolidWorks Composer or Solidworks PDM
software licences covered with active subscription service contracts can use any of the following support services

Telephone Support
Unlimited telephone support available during normal office hours.  Call 0844 335 3775 

E-mail Support
Send your support requests/queries to

On-line support via Solidworks Customer Portal
Click here to access the SolidWorks Customer Portal.  Please note you will be asked to register the first time you use this service

Software Service Packs
Service packs for SolidWorks and all associated products including Solidworks Simulation
software & Solidworks product data management software can be accessed and downloaded via the SolidWorks Customer Portal Site.  To dowload the latest service packs please follow this link -
SolidWorks Customer Portal.

Remote Support
Our engineers may on occasion find it easier to resolve any software issues by remotely taking control of the client PC. Of course this service is only possible if the customer's firewall settings allow access.  You will be asked to download the remote support software onto your PC to allow this service to be initiated.

Software Upgrades
Automatic upgrades to the most up-to-date versions of SolidWorks, SolidWorks Simulation software & SolidWorks product data management software.

Certified SolidWorks Professional /Associate exam
One on-line exam per licence currently on subscription.  Passing the Certified SolidWorks Professional (CSWP) and Certified SolidWorks Associate exam is proof of a user’s SolidWorks knowledge and competency with the software.  The exam result also helps to identify any training requirements the user may have.  A SolidWorks Certificate is provided on successful completion of the exam.