Thursday, 1 May 2014

Seamless collaboration between Electrical and Mechanical design teams

Over a year ago SOLIDWORKS added a new Electrical package to its family of products. SOLIDWORKS Electrical simplifies electrical schematic creation with an intuitive interface just like SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical has helped companies to improve time to market and reduce development costs by eliminating wasteful processes among electrical and mechanical design teams. It provides collaborative environment, in which all electrical and mechanical designers not only share symbol and component libraries, but with the ability to work simultaneously on the same projects.  The SOLIDWORKS Electrical project server keeps everyone up-to-date with the latest changes in real-time.

Bidirectional integration in real time with SolidWorks 3D


The advanced tools in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D makes it easy to create auto-routing of wires, cables and harnesses. The information of wire length can be generated and then be finalised to the Schematic reports. 

It’s very easy to route the wires in Electrical 3D, simply select ‘Route Wires’ command and ‘hey presto!’ done. By using the’ SolidWorks Route’ option you can create a more realistic effect. It is also possible to segregate wires so that specific wire styles will not route along selected sketch path.
In 2014, SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic can be installed using SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager, making it a one simple process to install both the Mechanical and Electrical software, keeping the I.T guy very happy.

Comprehensive library is shared across Electrical and Mechanical users. SOLIDWORKS Electrical offer over 500,000 manufacturer parts in the library database but if there are parts which is not available you can still download the data from various resources such as, 3D Content Central, etc.


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