Friday, 28 October 2011

SolidWorks Premium - CircuitWorks

One of the main challenges facing Product Designers today is where to start in packaging a new design around a PCB. More often than not you’re left in a position where you have to reverse engineer a 2D layout provided by an Electronics Engineer. While being frustrating, this is time consuming and no guarantee that the components you’re interpreting are the correct size or position when converting to a 3D assembly.
With SolidWorks Premium you can let CircuitWorks do all the work for you.

CircuitWorks will allow you to open most 3rd party ECAD software files (IDF, PADS, and ProStep) so to review the PCB design and all components populated both sides. Filter tools allow different layers to be activated or hidden to aid better understanding of the layout.

Subtle design changes can also be applied to the PCB’s components such as an increase in the height of a resistor.


 But what we really strive for is to create that all important 3D PCB assembly. Simply instructing CircuitWorks to ‘Build Model’ will generate this. Drawing from its vast component library, resistors, capacitors, and microchips are all imported into SolidWorks.

Within minutes you are presented with a tangible and editable assembly that leaves you with the boundaries to model an efficient, aesthetic and compact enclosure.
Alternatively, should your packaging design need to drive a change on the PCB, make the change in SolidWorks and then save the layout back to an ECAD format. By doing this, SolidWorks demonstrates how it can provide total collaboration between the Product Designer and Electronics Engineer.
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