Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The Movember Squad - Progress Report 1

This is our first progress report on The TMS Mo Bros – otherwise known as The Movember Squad.

Definitely showing signs of a 3:30pm shadow/stubble at this stage!  Like the proverbial tortoise in the race with the hare (hair?), obviously not wanting to overperform too early, we’re going for the steady growth approach over the 4 weeks rather than a sprint start.

Sporting the following ‘looks’, in order of appearance:

David (The law won’t recognise me now) Boslem
Gordon (I’ve really lost my razor) Stewart
Scott (I’ve not decided where my mo’ ends & beard begins yet) Berry
Calum (It’s called Jazz, man) Fischer-Keogh
Alec (Really officer, does the guy you’re looking for have a moustache like THIS?) Chaddock
Jim (The Fugitive) McLauchlan

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