Friday, 25 November 2011

SolidWorks Holiday Gift Guide

SolidWorks just released their Holiday Gift Guide featuring products developed in the 3D design tool.  Here's a couple of them from the list:

Cool Gear EZ-Freeze Pure™ Filtration bottle
The EZ-Freeze Pure water filtration bottle provides an easy solution to finding cool, refreshing, and clean water on the go. Water flows through the patented filtration system, reducing chlorine taste and odor, while simultaneously keeping the water cool. SolidWorks was instrumental in the design procedure, from the early stages of concepts to the final tooling of the product, ensuring parts work and look their best.

ESS CrossbowTM
Designed in SolidWorks, the ESS Crossbow eye shield has re-defined performance and utility for eye protection. The Crossbow’s Tri-Tech FitTM frame ergonomics offer universal comfort and stability with zero pressure points. A great stocking stuffer for anyone who wants to take a few risks while protecting their eyes.  

You can find the full listing here - SolidWorks Holiday Gift Guide

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