Monday, 27 February 2012

SolidWorks CSWA/CSWP

If you're a SolidWorks user then you'll probably know about the different certifications available.  The CSWA (Certified SolidWorks Associate) and CSWP (Certified SolidWorks Professional) titles are proof that you have successfully passed the exam from SolidWorks for the appropriate level. These certifications can give you a step up on the career ladder or allow you to stand out in today's competitive job market.  SolidWorks recently announced that certifications have exceeded 50,000!

The exams themselves have a time limit of around 3 hours, testing various skills such as sketch tools, mass properties, assemblies and configurations.  You might be thinking that testing and certification could be expensive, but if you have a current SolidWorks subscription then it won't cost you a penny for the first exam.  The topics covered for each certification can be found on our website here CSWA/CSWP

Get certified and stand out from the crowd!

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