Monday, 26 March 2012

From the deepest depths to the highest heights.

James Cameron is in the news this morning, not for another box office smash, this time he has hit rock bottom...of the Mariana Trench!  He is the third person to venture to the bottom of the trench following the historic dive by US Navy Lt Don Walsh and Swiss oceanographer Jacques Piccard more than 50 years ago.

James Cameron on his return (courtesy of National Geographic)
SolidWorks posted a study last year on the design of submersible vehicles within SolidWorks and Simulation.  You can read about it and see the video here.

From the deepest depths of the ocean, to the outer limits of the atmosphere where Felix Baumgartner is working on the worlds highest skydiving altitude record.  This is another feat of exploration that hasn't been attempted in more than half a century.  The SolidWorks Simulation team have also done a study to see what forces Felix will be exposed to and if he will reach supersonic speeds during his attempt.  Check it out here.

So, the next time you are planning some extreme record breaking attempt, see if SolidWorks can help.

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