Wednesday, 5 March 2014

SolidWorks Composer – Intelligent Views

Today engineers and designers are looking for more advanced ways to communicate their technical processes and procedures. With SolidWorks Composer you can create not only clear and accurate technical documentations but also contents where the user can interact.
Custom views, sometimes called intelligent views capture only the actors and properties you specify.
We can use intelligent view to create different configurations such as a colour selector, language translator, etc.
Language Translator
Not everyone speaks the same language, with Composer intelligent views we could create interactive buttons where users could select their preferred language.
I’m going to use a toy car as an example. Create a view layout with the annotation labels (in English) and a list of languages you wish to include.
 Turn on the View Workshop.
Select all the labels. (Tip: the quickest way is to use the Select tools and deselect Select Geometry filter this way you could just drag a window across the screen without selecting the model). 
Once all the labels are selected create a custom view and name it English. Then replace all label text to another language for example Japanese (maybe use Google translate to help) and create a new custom view.

Each View has a preview thumbnail image. Thumbnails for custom views have a diagonal line and shading.

Select the 2D text box marked English and go to the Link property to select an event URL. In this case, selecting the custom view we’ve just created i.e view://English. Repeat the procedure for the rest the languages.
Once complete, switch off the design mode and test the result by double clicking the different language text boxes.

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