Tuesday, 2 July 2013

SolidWorks Composer Tips & Tricks

How to Replace the Viewport Compass with your Company Logo
Have you ever wanted to replace the boring viewport compass with something else like your company logo?

First import your 3D Company logo (if you have one) into Composer and then save it as a Project (.smgXml), this will create a geometry file (.smgGeom) for your logo.

To select the compass, click Environment > Compass in the Collaboration pane. You can also select the compass in the viewport by dragging a selection box, but only if the compass is the only actor selected.
In the Properties pane, go to Geometry path and search for the logo geometry file location (i.e companylogo.smgGeom).

Just like the Compass tool it will rotate when you rotate the model around. However, you cannot change camera views by clicking the compass. Only the default compass is clickable. The compass will always be grey because geometry files do not contain properties.  Hint: you can also replace the Compass with the same model in the Viewport to better visualise the orientation.

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