Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Upgrade your SolidWorks License Today!!

Recently, TMS CADCentre has received many support calls for assistance with updating SolidWorks to include recent license modifications such as extra seats on a network, new add-ins like SolidWorks Simulation, or upgrades from SolidWorks Standard to SolidWorks Premium.
There are slightly different processes for each, and here’s a quick run-down of the main processes to follow.

Adding Upgrades to your Standalone seat of SolidWorks

If you have purchased an Add-in for your current SolidWorks License such as SolidWorks Simulation Professional or Premium, SolidWorksElectrical, SolidWorks Plastics, or SolidWorks Flow Simulation, you may be able to activate it through the SolidWorks user interface by selecting Help – Activate Licenses. You may need to reactivate SolidWorks first to recognise that it can now activate your Add-in. Highlight the product that you want to activate and select ‘Next’.

If you have created a custom installation of SolidWorks when it was previously installed and selected not to install the components for your Add-in, or if you have a new serial number for an upgraded or separate product, you will need to modify your installation to add the new serial number.
If you have a separate serial number for an Add-in you don’t need to transfer any licenses. But if you have a new serial number for SolidWorks, you will need to transfer the current license before adding the new one. This can be done within the SolidWorks user interface again by selection Help – Transfer Licenses. Select the components you would like to transfer and click ‘Next’.

Once you have transferred the license, you can modify the installation of SolidWorks to change/add the new serial number. Go to Control Panel - Programs – Uninstall a Program, or Control Panel – Programs and Features (depending on your Control Panel settings). Once the list of programs on your computer has populated, scroll down to find your SolidWorks installation, Right-Click it and select ‘Change’.

This will open up the SolidWorks Installation Manager for the version of SolidWorks that you selected.  On the welcome page the first option is to ‘Modify the individual installation (on this computer)’. Ensure that this option is selected and click ‘Next’. You will then be taken to the page to review and modify your serial numbers. If you have a new serial number for SolidWorks or a separate number for an Add-in, please enter them on this page.


Once you have entered in your new/replacement serial numbers click ‘Next’ and you will be taken to the Product Selection page. Please take the time to ensure that all of the products that you would like to have available are checked in the list shown (including any new add-in functions that you may have entered the serial number for). Clicking ‘Next’ will then take you to a summary page to allow you to review any modifications before finally clicking ‘Modify Now’.


Once the modification process is complete, launch SolidWorks. If you have inserted a new SolidWorks serial number, you will be asked to activate your product before continuing. If you have added a serial number for an Add-in such as SolidWorks Simulation, when you turn on the Add-in in SolidWorks, you will be asked to accept its terms and conditions and then to activate it before use.

**To turn on your Add-ins in SolidWorks, go to Tools – Add-ins.

To add allocations to a Network License

The number of SolidWorks seats on a network license is controlled by how many allocations there were when the license was activated on the server machine. If this number has changed, or if there are additional products to add, the license server needs to contact SolidWorks to access the new allocations.
If you are currently using the latest version of the SolidNetwork License (SNL) Manager software on your server, ensure that no licenses are currently being borrowed before making any changes and stop the license manager service. This can be done on the welcome page of the SNL Manager user interface.
Once the service is stopped, also on the welcome page is a button to ‘Modify’ the license. Click this button and the options to ‘Transfer’ and ‘Activate/Reactivate’ will be shown. As long as you are using the newest major release you can simply reactivate the software to pick up extra allocations.
If you are using a previous release of SNL Manager, you will need to install the latest version to be able to activate.
**Be sure to check the SolidWorks system requirements before proceeding at http://www.solidworks.com/sw/support/hardware.html .
Only one version of SNL Manager can be installed on a server, so you will need to transfer the license as detailed above. Then uninstall the SNL Manager program using Windows Control Panel. Lastly, either using a file set, or the media supplied by TMS, install the latest version of the SNL Manager onto the server. It is best practise to reboot the server at this point to fully complete the installation of the software, so please arrange the installation at a suitable time to be able to do this without affecting your network users.
If you have received a new serial number from TMS,  you will need to modify your SNL Manager to enter the new serial number. To do this, firstly stop the service as detailed above and then go to the Windows Control Panel and modify the installation of the SNL Manager software. This will open the SolidWorks installation manager. On the welcome screen select to ‘Modify’ and click ‘Next’. The following page will allow you to check and change/add any serial numbers that you have for the SolidWorks product range. Once you have the correct serial numbers, click on ‘Modify now’.
For a list of the functions and upgrades available for your SolidWorks installation, please see the image below. Or for a more comprehensive solution for your needs please call us and have a chat.



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